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We test every batch of Tianeptine we sell. You can see the certificate of analysis that indicates the purity of 98% or higher. We’re the only company that publishes the results of such thorough testing. Don’t waste your time on inferior brands!

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Why Us?

Tianeptine is an amazing breakthrough that has the scientific community buzzing.

Yet understandably, many are concerned about the quality of Tianeptine they purchase for reference materials and analytical standard use.

Some companies say they are leaders yet they refuse to post their 3rd party Certificates of Analysis.


We offer both the highest quality product, and the highest quality customer service.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at our competitors.. THEY DO NOT PROVIDE CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS (from a reputable lab) PROVING THEIR PURITY.

Don’t get us wrong, some of our competitors DO provide a Certificate of Analysis. However, they are outdated and DO NOT come from a reputable lab.

Take a look at our certificate of analysis… this is an AUTHENTIC COA.

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