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How to pay with your bank on Tianeptine Supply

1.) Select Connexus Upon checkout

2.) Click Continue to Payment

3.) You will be transferred to the Payment Page

4.) Search for your bank – if your bank is not listed, please choose a different payment option

  • Select your bank then click next
  • Log into your bank
  • For security purposes, you may be asked a challenge question which originates from your bank – Answer the challenge question(s)

5.) Select the account you wish to pay from

6.) Verify your Address

7.) Click Next

8.) Upon successful completion of your payment, you will be taken to the confirmation page

How Does Connexus Work?

It’s simple. Just verify your identity through your bank account and choose the account you’d like to pay from.

Is Connexus Secure? Yes, it is! Connexus uses your online banking security to keep your account details out of the hands of malicious hackers and only shared with the companies you choose.

ATTENTION: Due to the high security standards of Connexus, it can take up to two minutes to transmit your data. Please do not refresh the page or push the back button.

Learn more about Connexus Bank Payments

Visit Security Website

Digital Transfer Payment Method -USA Only

Check if your bank is supported to get started

How to set up Zelle Pay if your bank is supported

1.) Log into your bank App

2.) Locate your Zelle tab

3.) Follow the onscreen instructions in your bank app to complete your profile

How to set up Zelle Pay if your bank is NOT supported

1.) Download the Zelle Pay app from your devices app store or click the link below

2.) Have your debit card or Bank account information ready

3.) Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your profile

How to pay with Zelle on

1.) Select Zelle Upon checkout

2.) Click Place order

3.) You will be transferred to the Thank You page

4.) Open up your Zelle Pay or Bank App

5.) Add as a recipient

  • First Name Tianeptine
  • Last Name Supply
  • Input your Order Total

6.) Under the dollar amount tap Add note

  • Type in your order# – This is found on the thank you page as well as your confirmation email

7.) Tap Send

8.) Confirm your Payment Method

9.) Then tap Confirm & Send

10.) Manual confirmation of the payment is required

11.) Let us know when you have sent payment by emailing us at


Is Zelle Pay Secure? Yes it is!

Whether you are utilizing the Zelle App or Zelle through your bank’s app your information is extremely secure. Zelle utilizes authentication and monitoring features to make your payments secure.

Useful Tips

  • Debit Cards – No Fee
  • Bank Accounts – No Fee
  • All Cards/Accounts – No Daily send limit on However, your bank may have limits please contact them directly.
  • All Cards – to insure account security you may be asked to verify your identity at certain points
  • Payments are confirmed a few hours after payment has been sent.
  • You will receive a processing email once your payment has been claimed. If we have any issues with your payment, we will reach out to you immediately.