Tianeptine: Best Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety Disorder and Depression

Are you dealing with constant sadness, anxiety attacks, and depression? Are you tired of suffering from the symptoms and mental breakdown?

Anxiety disorder and depression are some of the worst and common mental health conditions. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that depression affects about 280 million people worldwide. Some of them lead to bad work or school performance and poor social skills, and they can even be suicidal.

Fortunately, the advancement of technology has produced drugs that help millions of suffering individuals cope with their anxiety disorder and depression. Tianeptine is one of them.

If you are experiencing the severe impact of your anxiety and depressive disorder, you are just in the right place. In this article, we’ll elaborate on how the antidepressant Tianeptine can help improve your condition.


Depression vs. Anxiety: What Makes Them Hard to Cope With?

Both depression and anxiety are a type of mood disorders that can give you the strong feeling of sadness, weakness, and hopelessness. These conditions can co-occur or occur sequentially. While they have a lot of similarities, depression and anxiety have significant differences. For instance, anxiety will give you worries, and uncontrollable thoughts. These can keep you thinking about death because of perceived danger or threat. In some cases, anxiety disorders can give you more specific symptoms, depending on the type.

So, depression will drain the energy out of you, making you lose your sense of worth and stop hoping that life is still worth living. It can keep you in bed, not being able to enjoy the good things. In worse cases, it can cause people to inflict harm on themselves and cause death.

Although they are somewhat similar, these mental conditions are both hard to diagnose and treat. Many people who are going through them need therapy, medication, or both. Unfortunately, not all of them fully recover for many reasons. Some of them are constantly exposed to the environment that triggers their condition, have underlying illnesses, and lack motivation.

What is Tianeptine, and How Can It Help?

Anxiety disorders and depression, when left alone, can make your day-to-day living extremely bad and cause harm to your physical health. The good thing is that there are drugs that can help you cope with the symptoms, including Tianeptine.

Tianeptine is a type of drug that is mainly for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD). It acts on the mu-opioid receptor and helps rejuvenate, suppress anxiety, and enhance motivation.

However, it can also be used to help improve other conditions, such as anxiety disorder, asthma, and irritable bowel syndrome. It’s also known by other names, including Salymbra, Stablon, Tatinol, Tianeurax, and Coaxil.

Besides its major uses, Tianeptine also has insufficient evidence for improving memory and learning, as shown by some clinical trials.

A Short History of Tianeptine

Tianeptine was originally designed as an antidepressant and anxiolytic drug. It was discovered and patented in 1960 by the French Society of Medical Research.

These days, it’s widely used in Asian, South American, and European countries. But in the United Kingdom, this drug was banned, and in the United States, doctors also don’t prescribe it due to the possibility of abuse or addiction.

What Makes Tianeptine the Best Antidepressant Efficacy Among Other Drugs?

Treatment-resistant depression is a major thing that can’t be easily done. The main reason is that most antidepressants can work just fine for some time. But after that, it can just stop working, and the depression can come back.

Tianeptine can give long-term effects and has improved the well-being of people with severe depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and anxieties. This is even after the drug use was discontinued. A clinical trial has also shown that Tianeptine is great for combatting panic attacks. Besides that, it can also completely stop asthma attacks and suppress moderate pain.

This drug is like the (SSRIs) selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. But in contrast to other tricyclic antidepressants, Tianeptine increases serotonin, a neurotransmitter that modulates learning, memory, and mood.

Tianeptine does not seem to be associated with serious adverse events in sleep, cardiovascular, bodyweight, cognitive, and psychomotor.

Tianeptine Sodium vs. Tianeptine Sulfate

There are two main types of Tianeptine: Tianeptine sodium and Tianeptine sulfate. They are pretty much the same in terms of their benefits like mood and memory improvement. Yet, they come with a few differences in how they interact with the body. Since their interaction with your body isn’t the same, the effect and the timing are also different.

For the Tianeptine sulfate, the effect will take some time to kick in. But its effect is much longer than Tianeptine sodium. It’s good for people who don’t like to take many dosages in a day.

On the other side, Tianeptine sodium kicks in much faster than Tianeptine sulfate. It can immediately boost your mood and take effect, which is good if it’s for urgent use. Yet, when you use this type, you might need to take many doses in one day, depending on your doctor’s prescription.

Some say that Tianeptine sulfate is better. Others say that they would rather choose the Tianeptine sodium. But it still depends on what your doctor will recommend for you.

Where to Avail Tianeptine Products

Due to this drug’s risk factors, Tianeptine for depression, anxiety disorders, and other conditions can only be taken with a prescription. So, you cannot take it unless this atypical antidepressant was prescribed to you by your doctor. But if you have the prescription, you can buy it locally if there’s a shop near you. But for your convenience and quality assurance, you can buy it online from a reliable online shop with positive reviews. You can visit our product link here https://tianeptinesupply.com/shop/ and browse the top-quality Tianeptine products.

Things to Remember When Taking Tianeptine

Tianeptine is an excellent way to cope with depression, anxiety, asthma, and more conditions. Yet, improper use can also lead to harmful consequences. For this reason, you need to keep these things in mind when taking Tianeptine.


When taking Tianeptine, make sure that you have your prescription. There’s the correct dosage of drugs for every condition. If you go beyond that, it can cause withdrawal symptoms and might even be fetal. The usual dosage is three times a day of 12mg Tianeptine sodium for the average weight. However, some people can go more than that, up to 25mg, depending on how severe their condition is and what their doctors say.

Side Effects

Tianeptine has the side effects too that you need to learn. So, when you take it, you should also know that it’s normal to feel dizzy and nauseous. Aside from that, you can also experience headaches, abdominal pain, and constipation. Some people who consume more than what they need also become at risk for liver toxicity, like all other antidepressants. But if you experience consistent and wise side effects, it’s better to consult your doctor.

Drug Interactions

There are specific drugs that are not compatible with others. For this reason, it’s essential to consider all the possibilities. Be smart about what you take together.

Before having any Tianeptine products, it’s a must that you let your physician know about all the other medications you are taking. Whether it is maintenance, vitamins, herbs, or anything, it’s best for you to be honest to find out how Tianeptine and your drug will affect your health.

Drug Purchase

Only buy from an accredited Tianeptine supplier. There are many available sellers in physical stores and online shops. Still, the neurobiological and clinical effects of this antidepressant and anxiolytic will only be visible if you use the effective one. Aside from that, it’s best to take the right drug to avoid any unwanted results.

Other Helpful Tips to Overcome Your Depression or Anxiety Disorder

Everyone might be going through different problems in life. But experiencing depression and anxiety is never an easy journey. It can destroy and control you every single day, dictating how you should live your life. So, to help you overcome your anxiety disorder and depression, here are a few tips:

It’s Possible

It’s easy to say it. But being optimistic while your mind is filled with negativity is extremely difficult. You want to feel better, but at the same time, you can’t stop feeling bad and hopeless. However, drugs, even Tianeptine alone, can’t help you get past your problem. It’s still up to you to give your best to feel a lot better.

Open Up

Some things can’t be dealt with by yourself. That’s why there are friends, loved ones, and professionals who are there to share your problems with.

If you feel like you cannot handle your thoughts anymore, it would be nice to talk about it. Your mental health won’t be excellent right away. But finding someone who can genuinely understand you and who cares about you will help.

Do Something Fun

Go out, get some fresh air, and do something fun. Usually, the main reason why people don’t get better is that they don’t let themselves be. They stay in the toxic environment, constantly exposing them to something that worsens their condition. Therefore, surround yourself with positive people, don’t stay alone all the time, take a walk, and do what you enjoy. Distract yourself with great activities that are good for your mental health.

Don’t Hesitate to Consult Health Care Providers

If you feel like you’re not getting better or your condition is getting worse, don’t hesitate to consult any professional health care providers. It will be difficult to find the courage to reach out to one, but it’s important to avoid worse scenarios. In case you are unsure of how you should handle your condition or what medication you should take, don’t decide alone. Go to your doctor and take the right steps.

Make Your Health a Priority

With all the responsibilities we have in life, it’s hard to balance the time. This results in neglecting all the other things that matter most, including your health. However, if you keep ignoring how you feel, what makes you happy, and what makes you healthy, things will only get worse over time. So, make your health a priority. Eat right, get enough rest, and do what relieves your stress.

In Summary

Experiencing depression, anxiety, constant asthma, or irritable bowel syndrome is exhausting. Plus, there is no easy way to fix all your emotional, mental, and physical struggles. However, you don’t need to keep suffering, especially if there’s a way to cope with it.

Tianeptine has shown a positive impact on the mental and physical conditions we discussed today. Among all other antidepressants and anxiolytics, it works the best with the least side effects and will give you long-term improvement.

But, before taking this medication, it’s a must that you discuss it with your doctor. There are some countries that don’t allow this drug as a part of medication. Even if your country does allow it, you will still need a prescription.

Learn everything you need to know about it.

This includes what side effects are typical and the importance of knowing why this drug should be properly consumed. You cannot go beyond the normal dosage, except when your condition is severe, and your doctor prescribed it. If you are taking other medicines, we strongly suggest that you also tell your doctor about them.

You should also consider discussing how you prefer to consume Tianeptine. For instance, if you don’t feel comfortable taking multiple medicines per day, opt for Tianeptine sulfate. On the other side, if you want a longer-lasting effect, you can consult your doctor about taking Tianeptine Sodium. Lastly, drugs alone will not help you overcome your anxiety or depression. You also need to give yourself the chance to feel better by starting to do something. Aside from that, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone who can really help you.